Powering The Future

Commercial Solutions

Ghrian Commercial solutions focus on the sectors like Industries, Healthcare, Education, Banking, Social Organisations, Telecom etc. Ghrian is trying to establish itself as a leader in its line of businesses and believes in customer centric approach. Our mission is to create and deliver a life changing experience through integration, inspiration and innovation.

Solar energy have its own greater impact on profit and environment because of its lesser operating and maintenance costs, return on investments etc. Globally Ghrian provide the clean and green solar service and technology of 4092MW. Commercial solutions in rooftops or ground mounted with no hidden costs appeal to the customers to go for Ghrian Commercial Series as the customers can enjoy the advantages of federal renewable energy credits

Ghrian Commercial Series

Ghrian Commercial Series have high efficiency rates and long lasting life with its unique design engineering. They ensure high reliability, durability and endurance. The direct current produced by these solar modules is converted into grid acceptable alternating current which can utilize by the appliances and machineries. Customers choose our Ghrian Commercial Series because of its efficiency which is more than 98%, fast returns on Investment, and its THDi is less than 1%. They are dust and water proof with large LCD display,and wireless monitoring and communication.

Ghrian Smart Series

Ghrian Smart Series are designed for emergency power requirement with back up for small and medium sized industrial operation while the utility grid shut down and share the burden of the grid during availability. They run with energy conservation, environment protection, very easy for installation and operation. They are the flexible energy manager because of its alternating current coupling technology and protect the life of system and battery.