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Domestic Solutions

Ghrian Domestic Series acts as a Mini Solar Plant which can be a primary source of electricity generation in your home, reducing your dependence on and consumption of state-supplied power. This means greater independence from unreliable electricity supply, power cuts and excessive electricity bills as the revolutionary product has been designed in a way that it recovers only the differential current from grid supply. Ghrian Domestic series are developed based on the idea powered with high cost performance, equipped with high stability, reliability and high practical applicability. Ghrian Domestic Series unit can be used in apartments, independent houses and offices which takes up 90 sqft per KW on the rooftop. Ghrian Domestic Series are intelligent smart grid system that generate your own electricity using the solar power even with the availability of Grid. When the solar output power is greater than the required load power, the intelligent hybrid power controller will deliver the excess power to charge the battery. When electricity generated is less than required, it will take only the differential excess power requirement from the grid. Thus the system efficiently manages the Solar Power saving on Energy Bill, while contributing to a greener environment.