Powering The Future

Ghrian Commercial Series

Ghrian Commercial Series have high efficiency rates and long lasting life with its unique design engineering. They ensure high reliability, durability and endurance. The direct current produced by these solar modules is converted into grid acceptable alternating current which can utilize by the appliances and machineries. Customers choose our Ghrian Commercial Series because of its efficiency which is more than 98%, fast returns on Investment, and its THDi is less than 1%. They are dust and water proof with large LCD display,and wireless monitoring and communication.

Rated Capacity[KVA] 30 40 50 60
Rated Power[KW] 27 36 45 54
Rated Current[A] 45 61 76 91
Output Power Factor 0.9
Battery Voltage 360Vdc
Battery Quantity/Cell 30/180
Working Mode PV priority , AC priority
PV Input
MPPT Voltage Range 360Vdc-720Vdc
Optimum Operating Voltage 450-480Vdc
Max. Conversion Efficiency ≥98%
Max. Charge Current 120A 180A
AC Rectifier
Input Voltage Range 3-phase 380V±20%(-10%~+20% charge battery)
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz(automatic adaptable)
Frequency Range 40-70Hz
Soft Start 0-100% 10 seconds
Current Distortion 30%(100% load and rated voltage)
Power Factor 0.9(100% load and rated voltage)
Floating Charge Voltage 411 V
Max. Voltage 426 V
Rated Current (Battery Full) 73A 97A 120A 144A
Max. Charge Current Under Full Load 10A 13A 15 20A
Max. Charge Current(A)/Load% 30A / 70% 140A / 70% 50A/70% 60A/70%
Inverter Rated Voltage Three-phase A B C + N + G 380Vac
Phase Voltage Setting 220-244V(Control Panel)
Output Voltage Precision ±1%
Dynamic Transient Variation ±5%
Transient Recover Time 20ms
Rated frequency Same as input frequency
Crest factor (Ipeak/Irms) 03:01:00 AM
Waveform Sine wave
Voltage THD (linear load) ≤3%
Voltage Unbalance Degree (100% unbalance load) ±3%
Overload 100%~150% long time operation ,150%~200% transfer to bypass after 1minute >200% shut down in 100ms
0.1Second Short Circuit Current Double rated current won’t transfer to bypass
Max Efficiency ≥92% ≥92% ≥93% ≥93%
Rated voltage[V] 3-phase A B C+N+G 380Vac
Voltage Range ±20%(can be changed to ±10% ~ ±25% in control panel)
Rated Frequency [Hz] 50/60Hz±5Hz (automatic adaptable)
Battery management
Rated current [A] 45 61 76 91
End Discharge Voltage Vmin=315Vdc
Charge Current Setting 0.2A x C10
Battery Intelligent Management Automatic float/boost conversion, automatic temperature compensation
Transfer Time
Inverter/bypass transfer time 0ms
Inverter/bypass transfer time 1ms
Communication Interface
Remote Control Change to bypass mode, change to inverter mode, shut down
PC Monitoring Interface RS232,RS485,SNMP(optional)
Dry Contact Fault warning, fans fault, starting up status, mains mode, battery mode, bypass mode, battery low voltage, output overload; output 12Vdc, 80mA(max)
PC Monitoring Interface Operation Temperature
Max. Relative Humidity 95%(non condensed)
Max. Working Altitude 1000m (100 m higher, 1% derated; max 4000m)
Cooling Way Forced ventilation(Fans speed varies with the load)
Noise(1m varies with load and temperature) dB 55-60
(MTBF) 200,000 hours
Defend grade (EN60529) IP20
Power Line Input Below/back
Standard YD/T 1095-2008