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Panel Mounting Structure

Our Panel Mounting Structures are specially crafted with high grade Galvanized Steel and Aluminium holding brackets and adjustable tilt angle to encapsulate maximum solar irradiance. They are Sturdy designed, durable, easily installed, portable and light weight.

Pole Mounting

These are designed to hold 1 to 4 modules and are mounted to the pole with either hose clamps or U-bolts (not provided). The racks accommodate different sized poles and are adjustable for optimal sun angle from 15 to 65 degrees in 10-degree increments. Pole size is determined by the number of modules to be mounted. Wholesale Solar sells mounts that will hold a single panel, or mounts that will hold several panels.

Roof Mounting

The Solar Mount rail system can be used for flat roof mounts or for tilted mounts. The tilt mounts can be placed horizontally, called horizontal mode, or vertically, called landscape mode. The rail system is versatile and easy and there are many choices. The most common type of rail mounts are attached to the roof first and the panels are attached from above.

Ground Mounting

Ground Mounting Solution is fast simple and extremely reliable. Using high galvanized steel pipe with zinc coating for more than 80 micron for the base pillars make it so reliable and capable of withstanding to the wind speed of up to 55 m/s and carry a load for more than 1.4KN/m². The base rails are high grade aluminium for better durability and highly tensile in nature. The solution is widely applied with the relative Engineering certification. The Ground Mounting Structure is a 100% modular system so there won’t be any engineering or fabrication works on ground. Easy to move, install and commission. Each structures are specifically designed for each project so there is no error or flaw on project caused during commissioning. Each structures are designed to special project conditions and are engineered to the specific soil conditions, atmospheric conditions, wind speed, climatic conditions and relative humidity. With these underlying parameters structure strength is designed to withstand a longer duration. Also the historic weather patterns for over 25 years are also considered during the design of the structure and will go through a rigorous ageing simulation process under the prevailing ground conditions.

S.No Description Features
1 Standard AS/NZS 1170, Euro code 8, DIN 1055, IBC 2006
2 Material Anodized Aluminium 6005-T5 and High Class Thick Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Q235
3 Snow load 1.4KN/m²
4 Max Wind Speed 55m/s
5 Warranty 15Years and 25Years Service life